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The extreme poverty, rural-urban migration, unemployment and other socio-cultural, economical and political negative conditions, have hard hit the less protected children and adolescents of Bolivia. The situation of orphans whose fathers are in jail, of children and teenagers that suffer violence in their families, that were abandon in the streets, etc. is one of the worst problems of Bolivia.

Because of the misery, lack of family structure, violence, abuse, mistreat, many children abandon their houses and make of the streets their home. They are forced to work since their early years without being able to assist to school or to participate in other activities of integral development.

The German priest Father Jose Maria Neuenhofer, who in 1994 has created “Fundacion Arcoiris”- FAI (Rainbow Foundation) with the purpose of fulfilling the basic needs of those homeless children in La Paz, the capital of Bolivia. The objective is to give them a roof where to sleep, food, health, clothing, education, technical training, etc. and, most important, love and psychological support for their personal improvement.

Presently, FAI has more than 100 professionals (psychologist, social workers, teachers, sociologists, medics, nurses and other staff of support) that work in different programs and projects dedicated to approximately 5000 children and adolescent.


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